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Responsibilities of Guiyang Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

Updated: 2023-04-12

1. Plan, research, organize and implement development strategies, middle and long-term plans, policies and measures about issues relating to agriculture, villages and farmers, poverty-reduction, and relocation of people. Organize and draft regional regulations and policies and drafts about agriculture, villages, poverty-reduction and exploration and relocation of people. Guide and organize agriculture comprehensive law enforcement.

2. Plan and promote social affairs, public services, culture, infrastructure, rural governance and living environment-related work in rural areas. Guide construction of spiritual civilization and excellent farming culture.

3. Formulate and deepen the policies about economic system reformation in rural areas and solidify the basic management system. Take responsibility for contracted land, homestead reformation and management works. Take responsibility for collective property institution reformation and guide collective economic and collective property management work. Guide farmer cooperative economic organizations, and establish socialized service systems for agriculture and new type agriculture business entity construction and development.

4. Guide special industries in villages, the processing industry for agricultural products and leisure agriculture-related work. Give advice on promoting the circulation of bulk farm-products and cultivate and protect agricultural brands. Release economic information about agriculture and villages, and monitor and analyze economic operations. Undertake agricultural statistics and informatization work.  

5. Take responsibility for monitoring and managing planting industry, animal husbandry, fishery industry, agricultural reclamation, and agricultural mechanization. Guide the production of agricultural products. Optimize the agriculture industrial structure. Organize and build a modern agriculture industries system, a production industry and operation industry, and guide agriculture standardized production and fishery production safety.

6. Take charge of monitoring and managing agricultural products quality and production safety. Organize quality monitoring and trace and risk assessment. Follow state safety production standards and guide the establishment of an agriculture test system.

7. Organize the zoning of agricultural resources work. Guide protection and management of farmland, water areas of fisheries and agriculture biological species resources. Take responsibility for protecting wild animals and plants, cultivated land, and permanent farmland quality and guiding the protection of the environment of agricultural product producing areas and ensure cleaner production. Guide the development of facility agriculture, ecological circular agriculture, water-saving agriculture, renewable energy source development and utilization and agrobiological industry development. Take charge of alien species and organize modern agricultural parks.

8. Take charge of monitoring and managing agriculture production resources and agriculture inputs. Organize an agriculture resources marketing system and formulate and implement agriculture resources standards. Organize veterinarian medical administration and testing of veterinary drugs. Take responsibility for the veterinarian and slaughtering industries.

9. Take responsibility for agriculture disaster prevention and mitigation and crop pest control. Guide construction of a system of animal and plant quarantine and epidemic prevention, organize and monitor animal and plant quarantine and epidemic prevention works and suppress epidemics.

10. Take charge of agriculture investment project management. Put forward advice on agriculture investment and financing system reformation. Formulate agriculture, rural affairs, poverty relief, a population movement investment projects plan, and give advice on investment value and orientation. Approve investment projects and deal with the investment fund. Guide the building up of agriculture, poverty relief and exploration, and a relocation of people project library.

11. Promote agriculture science and technology reformation and build an innovative system of agriculture science and technology. Guide construction of an agricultural technology system, organize hi-tech and applied technology research in the agriculture industry, research its commercialization and promote its technology. Take responsibility for monitoring and managing agricultural genetically modified organisms and the protection of new species.

12. Guide agriculture and rural talent works, and develop human resources. Formulate and implement agriculture and rural talents team construction. Guide agricultural education and rural vocational development, as well as new type farmers, agriculture science and cultivate and train technology talents. Organize and implement agriculture and rural areas, poverty alleviation, population relocation and talent training.

13. Develop agriculture, poverty alleviation, population relocation statistics and monitoring, dynamic analysis, achievements publicity, and experience sharing. Undertake agricultural foreign affairs, and implement agriculture foreign aid projects. Take charge of organizing and coordinating social forces to join in poverty alleviation exploration and cooperation.

14. Formulate middle-and long-term poverty alleviation plans, put forward poverty alleviation goals, policies and measures, and after approval organize and implement them. Take responsibility for funding of poverty alleviation, monitoring and management, including inspection and acceptance and performance assessment, and guide building of a poverty alleviation projects library. Coordinate fixed-point poverty alleviation of government agencies, enterprises and institutions and armies. Organize and coordinate social forces to join the poverty alleviation work.

15. Coordinate and guide resettlements due to water and hydro-power projects, poverty alleviation, rural environment concerns, protection of natural areas programs or geological disasters and follow-up with support and development works. Organize and formulate policies and advice and monitor and check their implementation. Take responsibility for reporting and conveying information about relocated individuals’ situations, and fund problem solutions.

16. Promote military-civilian integration, and carry out poverty alleviation and development; increase investment in science and technology, improve scientific and technological innovation capabilities, and promote innovation-driven development; insure safe production and fire safety in government and industry; promote the development and application of big data and standardized management, sharing and development of government data resources.

17. Undertake other tasks assigned by the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal People's Government and the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, or by the provincial office of poverty alleviation and exploration or the provincial department responsible for population relocation.

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