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Revamp plan issued to adjust customs for rural revitalization

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2021-08-09

News from the Guiyang bureau of agricultural and rural affairs suggested that the bureau has formulated a revamp plan to transform outmoded rural customs and habits in order to help places in Guiyang and Guian New Area, Southwest China's Guizhou province, achieve rural revitalization. 

The plan points out the necessity for guiding policies and documents to push forward the transformation of outdated customs and habits that exist in rural areas. A series of rural civilized demonstration bases will be built, and rural public cultural infrastructure, such as cultural activity centers, libraries, and moral lecture rooms in the countryside, will be established.  

There are currently 10 new-era civilized practice centers, 927 rural libraries, 1,131 cultural squares, and 482 comprehensive cultural service centers in Guiyang and Guian. 

The leading role of Party members is highlighted in the plan. They must learn about specific requirements when presiding over funerals or wedding ceremonies, such as how many people are allowed to be invited, cash gift standards, and the scale of dining. 

The plan will rely on the grassroots governance of rural areas to fulfill the transformation, and encourage villagers to manage their own affairs through self-education, self-control, and self-supervision. 

Based on local actualities, several regulatory items will be released to adjust inappropriate rural customs, including holding luxurious wedding ceremonies or funerals and abandoning the elderly, by educating and exhorting or punishing villagers, in order to improve the social atmosphere. 

New ways to carry out such work are also advised in the plan, such as the use of big data, cloud computing, AI, and mobile internet.

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