Guiyang, Guian issue 7 measures for firms to assist rural areas


A video conference was held on Sept 12 in which six Guiyang municipal departments rolled out seven specific polices that target rural prosperity and agricultural productivity.


Ma Xiao urges all-out efforts to revitalize rural areas


Since the beginning of the year, Guiyang in Southwest China's Guizhou province has been consolidating the outcomes of the city's fight against poverty.


Guiyang to build 36 idyllic villages to boost rural areas


Qingjiang village is one of 36 special idyllic demonstration villages selected by the Guiyang government in a bid to cultivate special industries.


Guiyang, Guian act to boost agricultural modernization


Guiyang city and Guian New Area in Southwest China's Guizhou province recently issued 20 measures for boosting their rural modernization, agricultural industrial transformation and upgrading, as well as bolstering the efficiency of their agrarian sectors.


Guiyang works with State Council in rural revitalization


The research department of the rural economy of the Development Research Center of the State Council signed a strategic cooperation memorandum on rural revitalization with the Guiyang government on Aug 30.


Symposium held to focus on Luodian county's prosperity


The Guiyang bureau of agriculture and rural affairs launched a symposium on Aug 9 to discuss how to revitalize Luodian county.


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