Guizhou draws tourists with purple 'sea' of flowers


A purple flower sea at Gaopo town in Guiyang, Guizhou province has ushered in the most "romantic" time of the year, with millions of verbena plants in full bloom.


Revamp plan issued to adjust customs for rural revitalization


News from the Guiyang bureau of agricultural and rural affairs suggested that the bureau has formulated a revamp plan to transform outmoded rural customs and habits.


Xifeng works to improve financial support system


Xifeng county has stepped up efforts to improve its financial support system in order to revitalize the countryside.


Guiyang leads in green growth


​The Eco Forum Global Annual Conference in Guiyang, Guizhou province, is significant for sharing new practices and experiences on green urban development, as well as for exploring new modes and paths of low-carbon, green, high-quality economic development.


Guizhou officials research Guiyang's rural sheds


A research team led by Zhang Jizhi, director of the Guizhou Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, paid a research visit to Kaiyang county.


Welfare fresh produce markets satisfy both farmers and public


When people enter a welfare fresh produce supermarket in Guiyang, they will immediately be attracted by the low prices of the fresh fruit and vegetables.


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